Winter Meditation Intensive

Dharma Ocean is the trwmi-700x200anslation of Chögyam Trungpa’s Tibetan teaching name, Chökyi Gyatso, and reflects our core mission of transmitting Trungpa Rinpoche’s living lineage in the modern context.

THE MISSION OF THE DHARMA OCEAN FOUNDATION is to embody, unfold, and widely offer the unique path to awakening and human fulfillment taught by Trungpa Rinpoche, Reggie Ray, and his senior students, creating a living continuity of the practicing lineage in our time. Dharma Ocean’s activities aim to express the essence of this lineage, namely:

The fundamental goodness of the human person — our own and others’ inborn enlightenment and inherent perfection; The sacredness of all of life and experience — that everything that arises is an expression of ultimate wisdom and a potential gate to immediate awakening.
The everyday practice to “never turn away” — to develop an attitude of complete acceptance and openness toward all experience, finding in it the transformation, fulfillment, and ultimate realization that so many of us seek today.


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