Spiritual HONOR CODE …




When the student is ready the teacher will teach

I was hit in the face with this message again last night as I was listening to Caroline Myss, a medical intuitive, spiritual advisor, author (The Anatomy of Spirit) along with many other accreditation.  I have heard this particular interview over and over and over again many times and each time I listen to it I get something different showcasing that when the student is ready the teacher will teach and the student will digest.

In this particular interview, Caroline is talking about the amount of energy we each have and if we spent the energy on negativity, wrong attitude, fighting against life a, we spend all of our energy and constantly life in deficit.  For example, if you had $100 worth of energy each day and you spent $60.00 complaining about your job, people, your life and then spent another $25.00 on your attitude, there would not be much left in your account.  She suggests that our biography becomes our biology which simply means we are carrying the debt in our cell tissues which, in turn, influences our health.  So what do we do?

We manage our spirit, our soul, our thoughts and our attitudes.  Our journey here on this earth is to manage our experiences as they relate to the body, work on the debt in our cell tissues, become aware of our thoughts and alter the way we think – no longer thinking in a wounded manner.  The very first place to start is with awareness and becoming aware of our thoughts.  Our minds are thinking 24-7 and most of the time we are completely unaware of what is swirling through our minds; these thoughts are effecting us on a cellular level.  Next time you are alone driving your car to pick up your kids or go to work tune into what you are thinking – what is going on in that mind of yours – become aware.  You cannot change or alter that which you are not aware.

We have become accustomed to using our wounds as a privilege, something we can hide behind and not actually get into the vulnerability, the needs or the emotions behind the wound.

Step out of the parent-child relationship (not literally) but figuratively where there is blame, entitlement, not taking responsibility and start building co-creative relationships with integrity, honour, respect and responsibility and spend your energy on nurturing and loving ourselves first and then developing a spiritual code of honour.

The Journey of Life is in discovering “who I am” – “who you are”!  It happens in a step by step process

Separation from the Tribe (independence, individuality, warrior)

Journey into Self (discovery of who you are)

Discovering the universality of all that is (we are all one)

The vision of our life is given to us, we have not been taught how to listen and we become blocked, shutdown, conditioned, closed and cannot hear or see any of the messages. Sit, become quite, listen.

Be in the present moment, notice your thoughts, slow down, listen to your intuition (ability to alert you something is wrong) and let it be your guide.

If and when you get the vision of this lifetime, hold on with all your might and simply manage moment to moment and watch the magic unfold. Synchronicity abound, everything becomes easy!

The universe leaves a trail of bread crumbs but only one step at a time, we must take that first step, we must trust without knowing what the next step is or what is beyond – step into the unknown.  It summons fear, often we stop, we argue, we don’t trust then we continue to struggle.  Take the first step into your life and watch the magic unfold.

My spiritual code of honour …

HONOUR myself;

high self-esteem (build on it everyday);

faith (believe);img_5147

meditate regularly (just go home);img_5148

Live in the present moment;

Live in the highest integrity at all times;

Take full responsibility for my life (the good, the bad and the ugly);

Forgive daily;

Connect with the body and listen;

Connect to source;

Student & the Teacher;









Feedback, what struck you as you read this blog?

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