Massive Roadblock

We got robbed ….

The robbers took everything of value in our safe including my laptop, my writing tool, lucky for me I never leave home without my phone and I am starting to figure out I can do anything on this little guy including post to my blog.  I am in the process of trying to get a replacement Mac; it’s not as easy as walking down to the local store and picking one up!  I hope to have one enroute today.  A lot of posts ideas have come to mind as I have been writing about this experience with the basics – pen and paper!   We have been taken care of by our VRBO hosts and currently staying in their guest house on their ranch a perfect place to lick our wounds, get all the administrative details taken care of and work with the mind that wants to blame, accuse, be a victim but instead I work diligently at finding the valuable lesson to be learned from such a trajedy.  I believe, for me, it is a good reminder to be even more aware, turn down the automatic trust and take all my valuables with me wherever I go.   The whole story soon once I get my laptop replaced!

Please note that I have been blogging the entire trip on the “Costa Rica” blog each day so if you have read it early on and have not returned … return to read all about the whole adventure!  

Stay tuned ….


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