Friendship …

I have this friend, a longtime friend, she and I have this unspoken code, this connection,this knowing  that no matter what we have been and will always be there for one another.  She just seems to know … today was one of those days.  An Intiuitive connection. 

She sent me a song “quicksand” by Tom Chaplin today. 

The beginning of the song crones about being knocked down, which I have been feeling lately since the robbery and now another unfolding, another challenge has presented itself and my mind has easily jumped into questioning what I’m doing? Why so many challenges?  Feeling a little knocked down, unsure, questioning why I’m here and not there living a conditioned life, saving for my upcoming retirement, holding down a regular job, counselling and helping others, securing for my future?  My mind keeps badgering me.  I do all that I need to do to centre, to ground, to remind myself why and what I am doing but sometimes it’s just not enough.  

I have this friend who is always there for me, she is the person I share All parts of me with, no holds bared, she know me better than most.  She gets me, she understand me and she never judges me.  Today she sent me a song that I so needed to hear, tears streamed down my cheeks as I listened to the powerful lyrics … 

You’ve been knocked down, come around , come around … your dreams will come true, they will screw you, fall through, battle you to black and blue, its how it will be … life’s gonna leave you broken, times gonna work you over, get up get up and keep on rolling; life’s gonna bring you glory there’s another side of the story get up suck it up and keep rolling along …

If you crash I’ll pick you up, pull you up, if the world changes I will pick you up, patch you up, and we will work it out.  When the world cracks you open and your brittle heart breaks, I will patch you up, pick you up …

Energy is REAL, and believe it or not it is being transmitted all the time and to my surprise from North America to South America.  

This friend, She sensed my turmoil, my energy, my dilemma and she swooped in and offered me the life raft I needed to hold onto in right now, the lyrics of a song that lifted me up knowing that no matter what, no matter how broken she would always pick me up. 

I feel extreme gratitude for I have been blessed with people in my life who I am connected to energetically in this way, my beautiful daughter Jennifer is another, both cancers, she feels me, she senses me, she attunes to me and she fills me up; a reciprocal exchange, it is remarkable, unbelievable, exceptional and very real! 

I am filled with gratitude for you my long time friend, confidant, fellow troublemaker a life time ago, a cherished being, I love you and thank you for this most beautiful hug along the way.  Attunement is such a powerful gift! 


2 thoughts on “Friendship …

  1. Listen to your friend, the words in the song and your heart. Your future will be here when your journey returns you home … roll with the punches honey and yes the learnings may be hard to see but the universe works in mysterious ways, right! Hugs n Luv sweetie xo Lana


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