Puppy Heaven …

When I arrived on Dolphin Island February 1st, to my delightful surprise Jenna, the sandy brown, long haired, skinny, golden retriever looking dog has just given birth to a littler of six beautiful babies, all black, not hard to tell who was the daddy!  I fell in love instantly and they became the next target of my affection.  It took a couple of days of settling in and gaining perspective on the island, I began to understand that the caring of these precious animals was in a fragile state.  I have a deep love of animals, a deep connection with animals and one of the things that bothers me way down deep inside is when humans don’t take care of animals.  This unfortunately, was looking like one of those situations only this time there were 6 helpless babies involved along with three full grown adult dogs who have simply learned to survive.  Each and every day I visited the puppies and watched them steadily progress, I kept a close eye on the mama, Jenna, and started making sure she was fed at least three times a day.  The first few times I offered food she ate it so fast; it was not hard to tell that she was not being fed on a regular basis and she had puppies to feed.  Often she would lay at our feet panting so hard I was sure she was going to die right then and there.  I made it my job to take care of these animals while I was staying on the property, ensuring they all had bowls of water throughout the property, gave love and attention at every chance and made sure Jenna was fed three times a day and the others at least once.  By the end of my time I had three sidekicks who followed me everywhere, I can’t say I minded it at all.

I fell in love from the moment I laid on eyes these little dudes …


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