Brigitte’s Ranch, Cahuita, Costa Rica,-82.8536698,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x8fa656991e3ec1e1:0xedd917720dfe49df!8m2!3d9.7416614!4d-82.8514811?hl=en&hl=en

A welcomed home for 6 nights; Brigitte’s Ranch, a horse ranch in Costa Rica, it made me think of some special family members back home who have a love for horses.  I am not a rider as you will read a little further down.   A beautiful little cabina nested into a tiny corner with Palm trees filling the space to the side, two welcoming hammocks hung on either side of the tiled patio, complete with a beautiful hand crafted wooden table with an enormous tree as the leg holding up a massive round cut from a very old growth tree along with four plastic chairs to sit outside.  A tiny kitchen with a bar sized fridge (just like home) a two burner stove and coffer maker turned tea kettle, a tiny sink and small counter area for food prep.  It was perfect.  A queens size bed to the left taking up most of the room, a bathroom with a very scary shower head which seems to be the norm here in Costa Rica.  You can have warm but you risk your life.


A bedroom all its own, wooden shelving throughout for “stuff” …


1. the material of which anything is made: a hard, crystalline stuff.

2. material to be worked upon or to be used in making something: wood, steel, and other stuff for building.

3. material of some unspecified kind:

a cushion filled with some soft stuff.
4. Chiefly British. woven material or fabric, especially wool., as personal belongings or equipment; things.
6.something to be swallowed, as food, drink, or medicine.
7.inward character, qualities, or capabilities.

So basically everything.

I love a place that has room for stuff, I like to spread out all my stuff as soon as I get there. Shelving, hangers, tables, anything you can put stuff on. I like to see it all. Easy access.

A very ferocious fan moving the stale, thick air around and around, the buzz overtaking the silence of the room and echoing throughout, quivering anything in its path.

I was home, I felt happy, content, like I was in a safe place, all to myself, just for me for $40 a night – START THE CAR!

I would settle in quite nicely, wifi medium at the cabina, wifi excellent in the common area, a beautiful little restaurant with wooden tables with stiff wooden chairs without cushions, I notice things like that.  A couch along the wall that I would call home for the next few days writing.  After a whirlwind with the dutch couple, I needed a rest.  Writing, sorting through photographs, downloading, reading, and re-reading (I know I miss a few) publishing.  Love it, passionate about it, inspired by it, you know its that thing, that thing that when your doing it you lose all track of time; writing is that for me.

Brigitte’s would come highly recommended from me.  Businesslike, profession. Clean. Amazing breakfasts, they specialize in the early morning hour, delicious home prepared in an open air kitchen a few meters away.  Eggs, toast, avocado, plantation. Yogurt, granola & fruit plate & a banana pancake with fruit & chocolate drizzle.  I will say no more.

Lisa, a sweet, young woman from Switzerland volunteering at the ranch, she wore many hats, confirming the reservations, giving the run down, showing the cabinas, serving tables and making food, not alone there were many cooks in the kitchen, amazing!  She was teaching herself Spanish working hard at the table beside me until deep into the night.  Always a smile on her face, doting on her guests, a breath of fresh air!

Brigitte,  a Swiss woman with a thick accent, dreadlocks in her hair, 3 dogs, 2 cats, roosters, chickens with babies, horses absolutely busting with so much life.  She was short and to the point, I got the impression that she didn’t like me much.  In a very introverted space myself it worked out well.  So many people working, helping out, doing their thing, she was certainly never alone!  I appreciated her demeanour.  The heat unbearable with no wind and super high humidity.  Its draining, exhausting and sucks all the energy out.

Her sister living on the property in her own place renting bicycles, surf boards and doing laundry.  A tough, swiss woman, no messing around.  She did it her way.  She and Adriana had some words about which surf board to rent, Adrianna storming off FOOK she spits.,+Costa+Rice&*


Like I said above, I am not a horse rider, I have ridden maybe 7 times in my life and a few of those experiences were not especially pretty, especially the one falling down the ass end of a horse while he galloped away.  I know without a doubt that riding a horse would not be a good thing for my, often, painful back.  Something else decided, one guess? you got it EGO before I knew it I was up on a horse going for a 6 hour ride to a waterfall.  I really, really wanted to see a waterfall and I’ve always dreamt of riding a horse along the beach, it looks so romantic, it all made so much sense in that moment.  Down the alley straight onto the beach, thump, thump, thump. Bounce bounce bound. My phone threatening to jump out of what I thought was a safe haven between my firmly strapped down and supported boobs, not a good idea.  My body physically screaming, alto, alto ALTO approaching the end of the beach and I called Pedro over to signal to him that I was done and we had to go back, his English was as good as my Spanish.  He gets my hand across the throat message clear, bewildered though he turns his horse around, double checking that I really wanted to go back to Brigitte’s Ranch, yes I repeat I want to go back. The horse giddy ups along, bump, bump, bump, bounce, bump, bump, vine in face, bump bump bump, oh shit here comes the awning duck! my sunglasses go flying I can’t wait to get off the horse.  I jump off and immediately retrieve my sunglasses, find Brigitte and explain the thumping and bumpiness of the horse and my bad back were not a good combination. There you have it … my amazing journey horse back riding in Costa Rica, its not always how it look in the pictures you know.

I very easily went inward and wrote, I felt introverted knowing I needed some time without a whole bunch of communication, I needed to be left alone with my thoughts while I filled my tank.  Brigitte’s Ranch was the perfect place for me to allow this to happen.

The Ocean a few hundred meters from the place, a cat that become my mate, tea at my disposal drinking cup after cup after cup burning through my entire supply.  A morning yoga practice followed by a stroll on the beach, writing, lazing in the hammock reading a book that is average, at best, but it’s all I got.  This is what I visualized when I thought about being in Costa Rica, a comfortable place to stay, a beach close by to walk to each day, getting to know the locals, a kitchen to cook for myself, a kettle to drink as much tea as I wanted and some animal love.  This retreat allowed me to catch my breath, work on my beloved blog, connect with people and be as “sloth like” as I wanted.

Thank you and deep gratitude for being the place to receive me, the place I needed to rest, recuperate, write, explore, have autonomy while at the same time enjoying a little bit of surface conversation.  I found myself holding back consciously, not engaging in that conversation, so that I could conserve my energy and refuel my tank.   I found it challenging to not always engage with people I enjoy it so very much but I’m much better as an overall human when I have autonomy, space and the sounds of nature singing in the background.




Feedback, what struck you as you read this blog?

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