Goodbye Caribe Luna, Cahuita, Costa Rica

I have been blessed to come back to Caribe Luna “a place of healing”, the owners, both from Italy David & Enrica.  A beautiful “hipee” couple with a baby boy, Tahrill, who lit up my world.  I was enamoured watching this family interact with one another and the radiating love they had for one another and this child.  An unbelievable natural setting for this toddler to grow up with free reign of the world all around him.

This family warmed my heart in every way, David, Enrica, and Tahrill are a loving, laid back, and welcoming they have an open door policy to their inner world.  David explained today that they look at it like people coming into their lives offering sharing, connections and community.  David & Enrica, deep human beings who navigate the world with their open hearts, I couldn’t think of a better place for me to call home.  The Universe.

I thought it so cute and considerate that they leave a phone out in case of an emergency, they lived 2 minutes down the road.  So cute until I actually had to use the emergency phone immediately changing the adjective from cute to crucial.  You know that moment when you step outside for a breath of fresh air because you cannot stop sweating, its late into the night (9pm) most everyone is asleep, and you hear the door click softly behind, the key inside.  That sense of panic bubbling from within, spinning, the mind wildly trying to come up with a solution, I know where they live I could walk to their house but I don’t have a flashlight and its pitch black, I start pacing, I walk to reception and see the phone with the numbers posted on the wall, relief sets in, I make the call and David, woken from a deep sleep, is on his way!

This man so in the moment, so passionate and deep in his connections and conceptions of the world complete with its troubles and well thought out the solutions.  He speaks from his heart and shares deeply.  A colliding of two cultures, a mixing of generations.

Watching each one of them communicate with their child melted by heart, so much loving attention, so much teaching and learning, so laid back, so trusting, so living outside of society’s expectations of who someone thought they “should” be; they simply are who they are and it is beautiful.

I love getting into the minds of people and asking what they think about this world, what they feel needs to change, what they are going to do to contribute.  A society we all want free of judgement and expectations, a place where everyone lives in the moment.  The same society I wish for everyday. He went on to say that this is attainable to live in a society without rules, everything would get chaotic for awhile and then people would settle in … I wonder.

A world where we are conditioned or in attune to listen to our bodies.  Like, David said today, when we work sitting at desk in a 9-5 job we don’t allow our bodies to tell us what it needs stifling that voice and allowing the conformity of a strict schedule, one that fits the mold.  Like pooping for example, when you hear the knock at the door you must listen and let it go but if its not break time, you squeeze and ignore the knock at your door until eventually you have problems with your intestines. This conversation taking place right after his adorable little human just finished pooping in the yard.

Invited to their home for a meal in the middle of the afternoon,  a humble home with a front porch, a room with two beds side by side and a tiny kitchen off to the opposite side. Very rustic.  Right across from the ocean, a small bay dipping into the bank gives them a beautiful view of the shore, hearing the tranquil sounds of the ocean all around complete with the breathtaking view right out in front of them sitting on their front porch.  They get to live here for $250 per month including everything. Perspective.

We sat and chatted, while both David and Enrica contributed to the preparation of the meal, on the front porch overlooking the ocean, feeling the slight breeze slightly blowing, the smell of lunch cooking with a warm feeling of belonging.  A pasta dinner served with pumpkin and other vegetables, a slight creaminess to the sauce, absolutely delicioso, every bite.  Some chatting, some giving all our attention to where it rightfully belonged, Tehrill.  Soaking up every moment of this tiny toddler’s exploration fascinated by the daily maturation, the growing, the learning, the extreme intelligence of such a tiny human.   We learn so much in such a short amount of time, although nothing like the sloth who has to soak it all up in one year before he is turned out into the jungle to survive on his own.

Giving soothes my soul, I love to give, it fills me up.  This couple the perfect recipients of some good will, some pay it forward, some letting go. I had to lighten my load, carrying my backpack for 20 minutes it took to talk to Brigitte’s was exhausting and waaaaaay to much weight.  I was literally wearing a 10th of my wardrobe.  If your anything like me, packing around dirty clothes is not an option, doing laundry frequently and wearing the same clothes seems logical.  I had to let go of the notion that I might need it it somewhere along the way.   I cleaned out my sack only keeping two of each item which meant letting go of some very sentimental pieces from my wardrobe, things I loved.  Giving Enrica the load along with some other personal items made me feel good inside, watching her face light up as she picked up each item of clothing.  I handed Tahrill one of the sloths I bought at the sanctuary, I couldn’t help myself.  To watch his tiny face fill with questions, his tiny mind processing this act of giving, unsure of what to do he grasped the tiny sloth and ran to show his mama.  An overload of cuteness and a peek into the mind of a tiny 15 month old.

In Caribe Luna I found a place where I felt at peace, safe, friendship, family – a glimpse into the widow of their lives.  I will be forever filled with gratitude for this opportunity and the synchronistic timing of me needing to feel some closeness and connection to a family, missing mine so very much and receiving exactly what I needed at exactly the right time.  Manifestation.

A daily yoga practice, a writing centre, privacy, my office, my filling station and, of course, chocolate.  An imperative part in the writing process.

Forever grateful for your kind, generous souls and your willingness to share your beautiful family with me as I journey along the way.


Ooooooh Rawh! (Demi Moore)






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