Synchronicity Abound …

Synchronicity is a concept which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no casual relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related.  Synchronicities are preprogrammed experiences, something happens.  Your soul is sending you on a journey.  It is through a felt sense that we discover we are on the right path.

You know that moment when everything lines up, everything seems to fit together, you feel like you hit the jackpot, today is your “lucky” day.  The moment I stepped through the gate onto this property  – Anand Ashram, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia – I was in that moment

I walked through the door of my tiny hut and there on the wall it says “You cannot love yourself, lest your neighbour, your fellow living beings, if you are not at peace with yourself.  Be at peace with yourself, and behold!  Watch the flowers of love bloom, blossom!”  Swami Anand Krishna . I spent the last few years cultivating this exact principal.

Next, on the little wire shelf holding books was one titled “Life – A traveler’s Guide – to Journey Within.  My blog is the Journey inward.

The words LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH are hung in bold letters, next I see book I see in the library written by Anand Krishna titled Live, Love, Laugh, living fully, loving unconditionally and laughing freely.  This is my saying, always has been, it has adorned my walls for years.


There are positive, inspirational quotes everywhere.  It reminds me of my home and made me realize how much I have missed seeing inspirational quotes  and messages all around me.  Seeing them now reminds me of their power, the sinking into the unconscious mind by simply seeing them daily.  Like a sponge soaking up the excess water, our minds soaking up these powerful messages.

The Ashram Culture

The Indonesian word for culture is “budaya”, which is a combination of two words, buddhi and hridaya.  Buddhi is intelligence, the refined mind; and hridaya pertains to the refined emotions.  So budaya or culture is a process by, which mind and heart are refined.  The Ashram Culture facilitates this very process.  

The Ashram follows the basis of the Hindu way of life is Dharma rather than a certain belief system.  Dharma most often interpreted as “duty” and/or “righteousness” is actually both and much more.  It is the way of living righteously.  It is being compassionate, yet courageous.  It is the art of living in accordance with one’s conscience, and, at the same time, being considerate about other’s right to live in a similar manner.   Integrity one of my core values.  Fearlessness another of my core values.  Compassion an ingrained way of being in the world.

The ashram provides an environment that is conductive for Self Discover and Empowerment.  It is a kind of spiritual retreat to live and study under the guidance of a spiritual mentor.


– Swani Anand Krishna-

An instant feeling of peace, serenity, joy & bliss filled me to capacity.  I instantly felt the melting away of the last two months of challenging times disappearing like they never happened, gone.  I felt surrounded by openness, acceptance, love, by like minded people, by nurturing, humorous, warm, caring staff.  I felt a strong sense of freedom of choice.  I felt an overwhelming sense of absolutely tranquility.


The grounds are beautiful and immaculately cared for, tiny water ponds on either side of my tiny home, a waterfall gently playing the sweet sounds of tranquility just outside my tiny front door.


Capturing the essence of this peaceful place is through a felt sense, a feeling often difficult to express with words or images.

“Just go home” …   I am at home.





Feedback, what struck you as you read this blog?

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