One Earth School “Schooling for life, not for Living Alone”

Today it was my extreme pleasure to visit the One Earth School located in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia started and supported by and Anand Ashram Foundation.  “Schooling for Life, not living alone” based on the values of unity, acceptance, diversity and unconditional love celebrating all religions and all nationalities.

With the grace of all-love and in the name of love that is unconditional and infinite, One Earth School is developing the hearts and minds of the young in order to foster Will Power, Wisdom and Excellence in Action, as a means to achieve a new world order founded on Peace, Love and Harmony.  These children attend regular mediation and yoga classes daily along with a strong self development curriculum.  The children learn from the tender age of 3 years old the real meaning of life and are given the tools and the practices to build a foundation of inner peace first = self love & acceptance. 

Anand Krishna believes that “education must enrich a child’s soul as much as sharpen the intellect and smoothen the emotions.  It must bring out the child’s potential and does not condition the child with lessons, which are not helping the soul to evolve.  Education means to attain excellence in the filed that is dear to the soul of the child”. 

This man, the values he stands for could change the world by educating our children in mind, body and soul as well as the intellect.  Each child learns that they are unique, that they have potential, they learn that they all have a role to play in this world and respect one another for their differences, their uniqueness and their potential. 

They believe that education is not solely the responsibility of the school, it is a community effort with the parents, the schools and the community as a whole; through awareness seminars and workshops parents and teachers are engaged in reminding themselves of their joint responsibility to bring up the children so that they grow holistically, physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually. 

The teachers are from different religious and ethnic backgrounds as are the children; which is the strength of the system working together to practice universal human values and unity.  The teachers have a strong practice and continue to attend seminars and gain awareness within themselves.  “Teaching is a calling” – these teachers are teaching because they have been called to teach, its in their hearts. 

One Earth School was founded by Anand Krishan, a spiritual humanist, in 2009 in the response to the challenges of education.  His inspiration came from the fact that educational institutions have turned into corporations and children were no longer learning moral, ethical and other values necessary for character building. 

Today, I was blessed with the opportunity to share some time in the school with the pre-school, kindergarten children.  40 pairs of little brown eyes staring up at me, intrigued by this person, introducing myself to each child one by one taking their tiny hands into mind and repeating their name as they whispered their name in a tiny unsure voice.  Some gregarious and outgoing easily conversing, others unsure sharing their name with the help of a supportive teacher.  We had the attention of all the children so we sang “if you happy and you know it clap your hands” the children all joined with great enthusiasm clapping, stomping and twirling.  Next we played duck, duck, goose, the children were all laughing and cheering each other on as we went around the circle giving each child a turn.  Followed by the children singing songs for us, some picture taking and goodbyes.  The children climbing onto my lap, holding my hands, touching my face, each wanting to be the centre of attention.  I felt so honoured to be in their presence and to spend time with such little souls who have the opportunity of a lifetime attending such a school with such strong values, with such support, with such diversity, with such acceptance, love and understanding. 

Imagine what kind of world we might be living in if we all adopted this educational system, if all of our teachers taught because they were called to teach, if we cultivated the uniqueness and potential of each child; if we helped them to believe that they all had worth, they were all important in the tapestry of this world, each had a role to play and no matter how big or how small each one an important part in the intricate detail of the overall picture, the universe. 

I am grateful for this gift. 


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