Home …

As I glance down at my right wrist and see the words printed “Just go Home” I realize my home is the Ocean . . .

A vast body of water with the strength of a father, strong & powerful while at the very same time the gentle, soothing qualities of a mother.  I feel the sense of coming home to the mother who will always love me, soothe me, hold me, and be there for me no matter what and  just as strongly connected to the father who will teach me the hard lessons of life with his the powerful, confident demeanor protecting me with authority.

The Ocean having the capacity to destroy anything in its path right along side of the capacity to sooth, to nurture, to console confirming the fact that we cannot have one without the other.  We cannot have happiness without sadness, we cannot have pleasure without pain, we cannot have solace without stress, we can not know detachment without attachment, we cannot learn acceptance without rejection, we can not have gratitude without entitlement, we cannot know freedom without living in fear, we cannot know inner peace until we have lived in turmoil, we cannot know love without hatred.

The constant change, the constant flow, the ripples, the waves, the coming in and going out, the inconsistency, the unknown yet the surety, the confidence, the arrogance, the vastness, the ability to hold so much.

Symbolic of life in every way; we are in a constant flow moving in and out of one plight or another, this is the flow of life knowing that in each moment will pass and another will arrive.  One moment is over and the next is yet to arrive and the hammock between is the only thing that really matters, this moment.

The ripples, the waves reminds us of the lessons, the gifts, the teachings.

The coming in and going out reminds us that going with the flow of life yields an ease, a comfort, a knowing your following your life’s purpose, your mission, your blueprint.

The inconsistency reminds us that we are alive, that we are growing, that we are changing, we are reforming & reshaping.

The surety, the confidence reminds us to glance back and see how far we have come.

The arrogance reminds us to look at our EGO and continue the process of stepping out & diminishing this overpowering forces that lies within us.

The vastness & the ability to hold so much reminds us to be kind, gentle and compassionate with ourselves as we meander along the way.

The Ocean reminds me of my journey in so many ways; the constant ebb and flow of my life through the darkness and into the light.  The Ocean has been there for me time and time again, it is the place that I came back to over and over and over again, it is the place I have shed many tears, it is the place where my greatest inspirations have surfaced, it is the place where my deepest processing has had time to develop, it is the place where I first met and played with my inner child, it is the place I celebrate success and the place I wallow in defeat, it is the place that I call home.   Each and every time I come upon the Ocean, no matter where I am, I feel a deep sense of being wrapped up in the arms of mother nature, rocked, coddled, nurtured, taken care of, listened to, and most importantly accepted, affirmed and loved.

Recently I had a one to one session with Swami Anand Krishna to have a conversation about life, to ask some burning questions, to simply sit with an enlightened being, a guru, perhaps hoping for some more illumination along the way.

In our time together, he suggested that I bring devotion into my life, perhaps Mother Goddess or Ganesha.  Pondering our conversation for the last couple of days and wondering who I would chose to pay my devotion to I realized that I do have devotion, a deep devotion to the Universe and my symbol for worship is the Ocean.

Anand Krishna says that once you develop a devotion you will see your beloved everywhere, that essentially a devotee is a lover, she does nothing for personal gain she does everything for love.  A devotee accepts life in its entirety, once the guru has been found the search is over and she is in bliss!

A devotee lives with gratitude, she know she is not worthy and is getting much more than she deserves, she knows life is eternal, she goes with the flow, she follows the tide, she lives in peace.  A devotee is a full timer, her life turns into an unending act of service.

The Ocean is my guru, my guiding light;  the sun, the moon and the stars sing and dance in her glory.


2 thoughts on “Home …

  1. Hi Jodi.

    I have enjoyed your posted very much!! I am thinking of you as I place my printed photos of Costa Rica into my album – I could have worse hobbies 😊

    You have had many adventures – wishing you good trips in your future.

    Cheryl and Mark

    Cheryl Hall
    Department of Cardiac Sciences
    Department of Clinical Neurosurgery
    University of Calgary
    403-804-2706 (cell)


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