Friends along the way …

When you travel alone you have an openness about you, a freedom to be whomever you really are without the masks, without the expectations of anyone around you, you simply are who you are and it is a beautiful way to move through the world.  Unencumbered by life’s pressing issues, no job to get up for each day, no bills to pay, no appointments to keep, it is a sense of freedom we have all experienced on holidays.  This travelling the world on a spiritual journey has allowed people who are on the very same journey to cross my path.  At home, not everyone understands or embraces the way of life I have chosen to live but out here in this big wide world there are many people on the same journey, wandering around the globe experiencing all that this life has to offer.  I have had the great fortune of meeting some wonderful people and I would like to share a few of them with you.

Marlot Henkes (Holland), such a beautiful soul, so deep in her search inward, so many enlightening conversations, so many belly laughs with Matias always bringing his worldly knowledge and perspective with a light twist of humour.  Love you guys.


Monica Slubik, (London, England & Poland) originally from Poland but for the past 9 years has called London, England her home. She is a nurse by trade and loves her job, she is a caring, nurturing soul with the biggest, most genuine smile I have ever seen it literally lights up the room.  From the time she came to the Ashram her eyes, day by day, continued to brighten.  She would be giddy, giggly, like a little girl many times completely enamoured by all that she was experiencing. We had the opportunity to spend some one on one time together having dinner together, going for walks, hanging out in the common area and attending a show and visiting the One Earth school together.  We spent a lot of time in deep conversations about our lives and the world out in front of us.  She had been travelling for three months on her own for the first time.  She faced some demons and allowed some healing and letting go, she is a warrior.  Monica, thank you for the time we spent together, you will forever be in my heart.  London, England will be a stop on my next world tour visiting all my new friends!  Much Love to you!


Bradley Charles (Australia) a kind, tender soul on a journey just like the rest of us.  An artist, passionate about expressing himself through painting, always in search of a canvass big enough to express is huge heart and his great talent.  Some of the local businesses have welcomed his talent with open arms allowing him to beautify their walls with his unique and inspirational work.  Thank you Bradley for crossing my path, I wish you all the best on your journey and in continuing to live in your passion and share your beautiful talent with this world.

Bradley Painted wall

Angelina Gavrilyuk (Germany) a curious soul, listening, soaking up every word. Angelina touched me in a very special way by asking me to do an interview with her of my journey on camera, an new opportunity for me, and an honouring in such a beautiful way.  Thank you Angelina for this wonderful opportunity to stretch myself a little further.

Masako Suzuki (Japan), an adventurous, outgoing, warrior type soul travelling around the world on her own experiencing many things.  This woman is not afraid of anything, or so it seems, she tries it all, she experiences things to the fullest.  An inspiration to me.

Victoria Damayanti (Jekarta, Indonesia), a local Balinese woman on the search for some quiet space away from the busy city, wonderful deep conversations and many laughs, we enjoyed sitting together each morning displaying quotes with tiny rocks. Victoria has a wonderful sense of humour and brings a lightness, some laughter to us all.


There have been many others; Svenja Seidel (Germany) an open, honest, tell it like it is type of soul with an amazing sense of humour, this woman can get a room laughing in a matter of minutes.  I have enjoyed our conversations, our belly laughs and our time together in deep meditation and dancing our worries away.

Willy Prior (New Zealand), a smile that did light up the entire room, a fun, outgoing soul.

Charlotte Brand and her sister Ashley (England), had a wonderful day of exploring monkey forest and shopping with these two girls, so much fun.

the gang ashram

Shannon Amos, a soft spoken,  kind, spiritual soul on a journey that parallels mine in so many ways.  We have had the opportunity for many great adventures together, visiting the sites, sharing our stories and our lives with one another.  It is always amazing to me, although it is confirmed time and time again, that the perfect people are put forth on our path at just the right time.  Shannon has experienced a life so similar, in so many ways to mine, we are doing the same thing travelling around the world on a journey inward and sharing ourselves, our teachings and our lessons with the world.  A true blessing Shannon Amos.  Thank you for all the wonderful adventures.

Mandy Hunt, an old soul finding her way and listening to her intuition by following the whispers of her soul regardless of societies expectations of who they think she “should” be; on a brave journey moving from the USA to Australia to start anew.  Many blessings to you Mandy and a pleasure to share some of your journey with you.


So many beautiful souls all on their  journey unique to each one of them; it has been my extreme pleasure to cross paths with you.  You will travel with me in my heart every step of the way!



Feedback, what struck you as you read this blog?

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