Happy Nyepi what a Celebration!

New Year’s Eve here in Bali was quite the event; the Ogoh-Ogoh were spectacular, the time, the effort, the costs put into these creatures is incredible, astounding.  All of your child’s worse nightmares coming true in one night; spooky, scary faces of the Ogoh Ogoh are meant to be ugly and scary and take away all the negative energy and bad spirits so they take on the look of all the ugliness.

The intricate detail in each Ogoh-Ooh was astounding, right down to underarm hair!  The artistic ability to create such a massive structure with every detail, each one with long toenails crafted on life like looking feet.  Each one signifying the ugliness of negativity, each one vicious in its own right.

The crowds a little overwhelming for me but I so enjoyed seeing a different culture celebrate an event similar to our New Eve Year’s celebration; yet so different in so many ways.  The very best part is a day of silence the following day, the whole Island literally shuts down.  If you know me you know how much I like silence and shutting the door to the outside world and going inward.  In my life back home, I try to have a “sloth” day at least once a week where I shut my door to the outside world and spend the day with myself, sometimes going to the Ocean, sometimes staying in my pj’s all day long reading books and writing, sometimes watching movies all day, it is a day to do whatever strikes me in the moment.  It is a much needed break from the world outside.  I had an interesting conversation with Ray, the youngest member of the team that supports the Ashram here in Bali, about what happens when you go outside those gates and back out into the world, each encounter we have whether its a bike buzzing quickly past you, a dog barking, all the people you pass, the looks, the judgements, the thoughts, the conversation you have with the merchants, these are all experiences that need to be digested.  In “normal” life without the processing time it gets a little bit overwhelming and heavy to carry around so taking a sloth day, a quiet reflective day, a digestion day or even hour can be a great help in the digestion of our daily events.  I highly recommend it!








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