See you again next time …

Guru Anand Krishna said not to say goodbye so I am not saying goodbye, I will see you all again!  My other family.  My other home.

It is with a certain amount of sadness that I write this post having left the Ashram, my resting place for the last month, along with an immense amount of gratitude to a few special people. Swami Anand Krishna for your vision, your wisdom, your service and the light that shines from within you.  Ray Suwana for all of your knowledge, your willingness to share and engage in such deep conversations and your light up the room smile and never-ending energy.   Yudha Renesanto for your cheerful giggle that makes me smile, your unbelievable cooking skills and your warm caring energy.   Henie for keeping everyone in line, for leading beautiful meditations that allowed me to step out of my comfort zone in a safe place and last but certainly not least, Eddie for your devotion, your beautiful, magical voice and your warm smile. Anand Ashram is a place I would recommend to anyone as a place to come and find the spark that ignites the light within you. Thank you one and all. 

This experience has been the highlight of my journey so far, a place that has allowed me to confirm so much of what I already believed and took it to a whole new level.  My posts throughout my time here encompass my experiences as they took place but overall I have had the pleasure of letting go, unwinding, sinking in to my soul a little deeper and realizing some very important facts about life.  I am a soul, I live in a body that is my vehicle in this human existence and my mind is the cause of all my suffering.

The soul mission of my life is to be a light unto myself so that I am be fortunate enough to offer illumination to others.

It is our struggle in this lifetime to choose between pleasure and what is right.  If you are benefiting only yourself, perhaps it’s not the right decision but if you are benefiting more than yourself perhaps it’s the right decision.

It is our duty to share our light with others so that they too may become illuminated.

Happiness is an inside job, its something we are all chasing external to ourselves, it is in your own happiness that others will become happy just being around surrounded by your happiness, your light.

It is only through meditation that soul consciousness can develop.  Once you have tapped into soul consciousness you begin to recognize the EGO and regular life is not regular anymore.  I always say once you have awareness you can never go back.  You can waiver, as we all do, but you can never go back.  Once you have seen something, you cannot unsee it, it is with you forever and the same goes for soul consciousness.  It starts to know the EGO and the body and then a witnessing perspective will start to become your way of being in the world.

I am truly grateful for my experience over the last month and will cherish each and every moment for this lifetime and hopefully come back in my next life with a little more soul consciousness and maybe the ride in my next life I will be living conscience a lot sooner than this life in my late 40’s early 50’s, I can only hope.

Thank you Anand Ashram for providing the space, the energy and the light for continued grow.

Until next time little home!



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