A soul reading …

Soul reading with Maya at Anand Ashram …

We held hand and meditated for a few minutes as she moved away she looked like she had taken in a lot of information, and took a few minutes to jot down some notes.

M:  Did you breakdance or something, it’s so strange?

M:  Your memory as a man is so strong.  Centurion, guard or something mostly in Asia, even an Eskimo or something.  You were in the service of a Chinese Emperor or something.

M:  It says here your single right, but I saw something.  Explained I was married, separated then my husband died. 

M: I saw some violence happening in the relationship and so much grief, did you have a child.

Jodi:  I had two children.

M:  That is what I saw, it was so strong that memory was like when you had your child it was a feeling of grief and longing at the same time, I don’t know how to figure that out. 

M:  Usually its the first child is excitement but at the birth there was grief and longing at the same time. 

M:  Violence in that relationship, lots of grief and that memory is still very much there.

M:  Do you have constipation, or problems with elimination?  You wanted to shit it all out.  Shit all the memories out. 

M:  I sensed that energy in your sacrum, do you have hemorrhoids, if so they were caused by wanting to shit it all out.  You have let some go but it is still remaining there, that is why may have hemorrhoids effecting this area, the throat chakra, the fifth chakra.  Do you know the zen pictures, stereo typical zen pictures, equilibrium, whirling, water ripples, do you like looking at them?

Jodi:  Yes the ocean.  

M:  I see you crossing the Ocean in search.  You ripple.  When you see that there is a sense of calmness in you, travelling the vast Ocean, when you are in that space you are like a sailor, the lonely sailor, you do find your peace there?  Yes I find my peace there.  

M:  I couldn’t figure out the dancing what it was all about. Do you have son.  No two daughters.

M:  Are they both girlie or is one more of a tom boy, does she do this dancing, who does that, jumping up and down and showing movements. 

Jodi:  Could this be any aspect of my life?

M:  Could be any aspect of your life, people, it’s a joyful thing.  Something that is a joyful things, it’s a kind of expression, free expression of how you move maybe to do this with your yoga.

M:  When the first time you were able to do your yoga movements you felt this sense of freedom and joy.  It was the first time I felt a connection to my mind and body.  Maybe the yoga was acrobatic, I felt the joy. 

M:  Your life path is about building, organizing, managing.  What did you do before? 

Jodi:  Volunteer Counselling and working for the organization.

M:  Organizing, building and creating are your top skills. 

Jodi:  I created Bliss of Being, starting to build my dream. 

M:  Your life path is about that, it more suitable to be in this aspect of life.  Whenever you build something, whenever you create something, you feel this sense of spirit and life coming up and that is why you are always in this search for creating new things, that is why you were born. 

M:  You didn’t end up being an accountant, that was also one of the paths you could have gone onto.  Building, managing and organizing, you would be a good politician.  Law, advocacy defending people’s rights.  More management and more organizer. 

M:  Soul goes hand in hand with life mission, what you want to do, success for you is important, accomplishment is very important for you, you wont settle, you say “oh I am good materially”, you must have it all spiritually speaking, material comfort is also important.  Big ambition.  As long as it is in line with life path, the projects that you do, building things but it does not mean you build something physically, building a person is building, it’s a great reward and very fulfilling, keep doing what you doing building people you are on the right path.  You are more building rather than serving.  You are on the right path. 

M:  Writing is your talent.  Art is your talent.  Anything that is structured, writing is structured organizing thoughts, it’s a talent that you have, serving also, counselling also and communicating also those are your strengths. 

M:  It’s not a coincidence you came to this Ashram, most people come here most of the people who come here have a karmic lesson to search for spirituality, everyone comes to the ashram is always on the search for spirituality and that is one of the life paths you have to undergo, in search of the deeper meaning.  You have a similar life path as Esther spirituality. 

M:  What can you do with the money.  That is your karmic lesson to find out what to do with your money.  It is your karmic lesson.  You attract wealth.  Most people with this karmic lesson have many ups and downs financially.  The lesson is being able to be responsible with money.  You have a tendency to attract money but you have a tendency to let it slip away.  Next step is building the centre, that is the next step, it is good that the money will go there, that is your karmic lesson.  Learn to be efficient, you already got the lesson.  You were not good at dealing with money, you were a follower of a Chinese Emperor spending lots of money, you had a lot to spend but you didn’t do good with the money now is your chance to do good with the money.

M: I relate you with the energy of a Mongolian Emperor.

Jodi: Was he a bad person?

M: He was not the kindest person and you served him.

M: You live in Canada? Are you exposed to Eskimo life and Native? 

Jodi:  There have been native influences in my life and one point I was I submerged in the native culture. 

M: Because you were there in the previous life, an aboriginal, you were so much into nature. 

M: In the last three lifetimes I saw you as a man.  A lot of people will decide to born as a woman to get their feminine energy, spirituality is about feminine energy you wanted to get feminine energy, your lesson in this life is spirituality, to search for spirituality, it was easy to do this as a woman, less EGO.  Men have to work harder than women to gain spirituality.

M: What happened to your husband? 

Jodi:  Explained. 

M:  Is that why I saw the blood did you hold him while he died?  It could be the the violence, makes sense, childhood violence.  Relationship was not abusive physically but emotionally abusive.  

Jodi:  Did you see blood on me? 

M:  I couldn’t get a full picture.  Maybe you were trying to protect your mom or your mom trying to protect you, you were holding her, there was a mix of bottles, so much violence.  You always supported your mom, she was your child in a past life.  You came back to look after here.  You gave her the protection that a mother gives her child.  The violence I saw was; I had to make sure what it was.

M:  What about the feeling of having a child and the grief and hoping on either side; something to do with a child that was born.  Maybe it had to do with you and your mom being protective. 

Jodi:  I was happy when I had my babies, it means it had something to do with your mom it was protective as you were protecting a child, violence was going on in the background, beatings, that is more to do with your childhood.  This memory is still there. 

Jodi:  I worked so hard to heal this painful past. 

M: It is still inside you and you wanted to shit it out, it is still inside, once you can disassociate with yourself and those memories, those are the blockages that happen in your lifetime.  You have thyroid problems, that is why you have thyroid problems because of those incidents.

Jodi:  How do I rid myself of these memories I have worked to hard to clear them, cleanse myself of them, I feel very discouraged and disappointed that this is first things you saw so clearly.

M:  Do this Mantra everyday:


See more of the colour blue

Wear chakra, already wearing

Blue scarf

Meditate on Water, say HUM 21-108 times

M:  You wanted to say so many things to your father, you wanted to tell him your anger, grief is stuck there.  Do OM meditation 21 times early in the morning, you elevate you frequency.  The memories are stuck in your body memory otherwise I would not have read it.  I will see other things but the first thing I saw when I touched you it just flooded in.  You don’t have to be bothered by it but you just have to acknowledge it.  Even though it not at your mental level it is separating from your body, if you work at serving with household violence.  That will serve a purpose also.  

Say these affirmations regularly:

I am ok with the past

I acknowledge the past

I move on with joy

Doing the meditations and OM  will shift this out of your body.

Do the mediation you did with Eddie give love to yourself, to your mom and to your dad.

Do early morning chanting like at the Ashram.

Jodi:  Do we come back with soul consciousness? 

M:  When you are born again you forget everything, each time on earth there are triggers and memories.  When you have to discover which family your are born into, it happens in your childhood several types of karma, that karma you just have to go through, you just have to pay off, we decide our parents from the karma we need to work on.

M: You chose your parents to learn the experiences you are meant to learn.  Clean up your karma, don’t get carried away, if we don’t realize that we came here and why we chose this family to clean up karma or carry it forward to your next life.

M: If someone decides to end the cycle you don’t have to repeat it in the next life, hopefully in your next lifetime you will be born in a different kind of family.  The most important thing is the last thought as last the last breath is being taken away, what happens when you are facing death.

M:  Mediation is a practice to remember the good things about the soul, our connection to the source, when the times comes for our journey to end the last thought is “I am connected to the source.”  It is our desire to not come back to earth, to finish it off and become part of the universe, the source.

The masters would say if you focus on your personal moksha nothing will happen, it has to be benefiting other people.  Say “I want to reach moksha!” 

You have to work your best to help others to reach their soul. 

I left feeling this reading with a heavy heart.  I have done so much work with so many different modalities to release the trauma and the memories buried so deep inside my tissues, it was disheartening to learn that this was the loudest, most pronounced wave of energy that was picked up in the reading.  I guess it is just another reminder of the work that still needs to be done to release the memories stuck somewhere in the make up of my body and soul.  I will keep working at it.


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