Gili Air


Onward bound from Amed to Gili Air and still part of a package deal we had organized in Lovina Beach, we were given written tickets to produce on each leg of the journey paying one complete fare for everything, you can always find a better deal and you can always negotiate your way through everything here in Bali but considering we are moving around so much we chose the easier option of including everything to give us time to relax before planning the next leg.  I had been holding the tickets in our “kitty” wallet, have a “kitty” where each of us contributes the same amount of money and we pay all of our joint purchases out of the kitty to save the hassle of having to split everything or keep track of who owes who what – it’s worked out quite nicely.  Somehow between switching rooms in Amed I seemed to have lost our ticket for the fast boat the next day, I was feeling pretty confident it would all work itself out but still took a few steps to make sure everything was in order.  I tried to call the hotel we stayed at in Lovina Beach to speak to the owners to ensure we were still able to get on that boat but with some miscommunication and a wrong phone number given we had to believe that everything would work and if not, worse case scenario we had to buy another ticket.  No worries. We waited and waited and waited for our ride to show up, 9:30am as we were told, finally a van pulled up around 9:45am, stopped, got out and asked if we were going to Gillie Air today, 2 people, yes, yes we said that is us – he handed Esther a ticket with all the information we would need moving forward and drove off, he was not our driver just a guy giving out tickets, I guess.  It certainly felt like a “gawd shot” or a universal helping hand to ensure that all is well, no need to worry.  Another 15 minutes before our actual driver showed up, doubt creeping up again, but eventually a van pulled up, loaded our heavy beasts and took us to the harbour to catch our fast boat to Gili Air.

The boat and its three motors where blessed and we were on our way.  Quite the bumpy ride it turned out to be, a little like riding that horse in Costa Rica, my back not a happy dude after the 1.5 hours of bumping along.  We pulled up to Gili “T” to unload the party goers first.

We arrived at Gili Air a few minutes later, our bags were handed down to us from the boat, thank gawd Esther is a strong woman who has helped me with my ridiculously heavy beast of a bag over and over again.  Once aboard the tiny island, no traffic, no buzzing of motor bikes or scooters simply horseback buggies clamping along the trails. It would be about a 30 minute walk to the other side of the island where we would call home for the next few nights.  Esther and I both did not agree with this mode of transportation and questioned the care of these animals but unfortunately it was simply too hot and too heavy to make the walk so we obliged and took a horse-drawn buggy ride to our new destination.


Youpy Bungalows  A cute little bungalow with a king sized bed, air conditioning a beautiful swimming pool just outside our front door, a restaurant complete with open air huts with pillows and cushions to get comfortable which was exactly what we did, got comfortable and did not move.  We sat and stared at the Ocean, beautiful blue-green water and listened to the sounds of the waves moving in out.  This was to be resting place.  Esther and I spent many long days lounging around reading our books, swimming in the Ocean, walking,  conversing and just being.  I feel each time a friend meets me on the journey it changes the perspective of my journey for a few weeks and its turns into more of an exploration.  A welcome change as much as I am on an inward journey, I am also on an exploration journey and the two working together are just the right combination.


We enjoyed an Indonesian cooking class making 4 authentic Indonesia dishes and having some fun in the kitchen together.


Gili Cooking Classes 

Kelopon, an Indonesian dessert:

Authentic Peanut Sauce:

Mei Goreng – Indonesia’s main dish:

Fresh Yellow Curry – simply amazing:(

It sure is a treat to cook when you walk into a clean kitchen with all the ingredients ready in containers no preparation necessary (except a little bit of chopping), simply put the ingredients together while someone walks you through step by step.  After all the dishes were prepared we sat down to a feast and got to know other people from around the world.  Of all things people could talk about around a table, good old Donald Trump and politics became the hot topic of discussion.

The sunsets … reflective … reminding me to take a few moments and reflect on the day, spend some time in gratitude, send out light and love, and take some time to digest the experiences of the day so that I can start fresh tomorrow with a clean slate.

The sun rise … inspirational …  reminding me another day is about to unfold, to be present; stay in the moment, be grateful and take on the day with love in your heart, a light in your soul and try to ensure that each person that crosses your path has a better day simply because you were part of it.

We stumbled upon the Coconut milkshake …  is 4 a day too many?


Esther and I perfected “just being”.

A wonderful time on Gili Air, I would recommend it for anyone travelling to Bali.  Quiet, lots of choices for food, yoga, massage, no cars, no bikes, beautiful ocean surrounding the island, so much to do or so little to do, your choice.  Esther and I took advantage of the peaceful, quiet beach front location and chilled.

The following day we took the horse-drawn buggy ride back to the bustling harbour and climbed aboard a small boat to take us over to the island paradise of Lombok where we would treat ourselves to an oasis of pure bliss at Selong Belanak.



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