Groundhog Day …

Imagine waking up every morning to the same day over and over and over again.  This classic movie depicts exactly that, the same day playing out over and over and over again.  Bill Murray who plays Phil Connors, the weather man, gets to have this groundhog day over and over and over again.  Once he realizes what is happening he uses it to his advantage and manipulates people and situations for his benefit only to find the day keeps playing out no matter what he tries.  It reminded me of LIFE and how we get the same situation playing out over and over again until we get it right.  I always wondered what getting it right actually meant; this message seems to be all over my previous writing but it suddenly clicked tonight.  What getting it right actually means is doing the right thing for everyone involved, not just yourself.   It is about being of service to others in need, it is about giving, helping, making sure that you are putting lightness out into the world.

The ultimate in learning these lessons that continue to play out in our lives is first and foremost being able to see the message, which requires reflection, taking the time to sit in quiet transcending the mind through meditation, cultivating a daily practice.  Taking the time each day to find gratitude in our lives, a few moments each day to reflect on ALL that you have in your life and reflect your gratitude back to the universe.  Then taking the time to recapitulate the stories playing out in your life by journaling each night before you go to sleep, to digest the events of day, let them go.  The more and more we make these practices part of our life we come to a place of  witnessing the events play out, watching them from a witnessing perspective rather than being caught up in the EGO, the ME.  Thus allowing a step back and removal of self which cultivates compassion for both the self and others.    

It is the acceptance that that things don’t always work out as planned and that the universe, is constantly giving us messages, experiences, people, places and things to help us become more aware of what our path in this lifetime is meant to be.  

We come to the place of being able to offer kindness, help and support, sharing our stories while offering heartfelt compassion to the sufferer, not being offended (EGO) when the receiver does not take the offering, speaking our truth, settling clear boundaries, asking for what we want/need, and moving forward with our journey knowing we did the right thing for all people involved taking care of ourselves, our soul, first and foremost. 

This movie also offers a clear message in attachment and wanting, while Phil continues to refine his day manipulating the circumstances trying desperately to get what he wants he continues to get the slap across the face time and time again.  Realizing that this is perhaps not the right way, he lets go of his EGO and manipulation and he lets it unfold naturally offering the a truer sense of himself, his compassion, his heartfelt, genuine caring of other people and trusting that perhaps this might yield the truer sense what is meant to be.

The universe continues to give us lessons and continues to let us know that we are not on the right path by creating a difficulty, an unsettling, that familiar slap across the face that letting us know that this is not the right way, we are not on the right path, we are not living the life we were meant to live.   It seems we all need to be slapped across the face several times before we are able to see that there is another way which involves stepping out of our comfort zone and facing fears.  Sometimes, like in my life, the slap across the face becomes a two by four across the side of the head, the lessons get harder and harder until you stop, look and listen.  There is always another way.  Sometimes its not something we want, we don’t want to hear the message because it is not our desire, but trust me no matter what we want, no matter how bad we want it, we will be shown the way one way or another.

When life becomes easy and synchronicity is abound you can take comfort in knowing you are on the right path.


Feedback, what struck you as you read this blog?

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