Beauty and the Beast ….

Beauty & the Beast, a movie that touched my heart the first time I saw it with my children and again today when I lay in another hotel room just being, watching movies, recharging my tired worn batteries, remembering the people in my life who are important; my friends, my family, my furry friends and remembering the beast that was to come into my life three years ago and the ending that would come months before I closed that chapter of my life and went on a journey traveling around the world, an inner journey.

We don’t always get what we want wrapped in the package we expect; sometimes we find parts of what we are looking for but in order to get down to the core we have to do some unwrapping.  Sometimes the paper is tattered, the wrapping not all the way around the package, there are parts uncovered, parts deeply hidden beneath the wrapping help together with masking tape visible on the outside and the bow is not tied.

It is in the acceptance and the unwrapping of the unsightly package that we can see what is inside.  If we can look beyond the ugly bits and really peel back the masking tape, the tattered paper and dig into the parcel, only then, can we see what is inside.  Opening up, and tearing apart the paper of such a package to gain access to the inside of another can be an arduous task, layer by layer we get a glipses at the good, the bad and the ugly.

In the Disney story, Belle, is considered odd, different, not like anyone else, she walks her own walk and beats her own drum and struggles to find the acceptance of a life where each day seems indistinguishable from the next.  She has stepped out of the expectations of what life is “suppose” to be and continues looking for something different, something beyond what everyone expects her to become, beyond her day to day life that everyone else seems to have settled into.  She stumbles upon the beast and his hideous packaging.

She looks beyond the grotesque ugliness of the package for which he is presented and finds his soft, tender heart, his intelligence, she finds a gentleness underneath the suit he wears.  The suit he has been bewitched with because of his arrogance, his egotistical & narcissistic behaviours, the same ones that he has been conditioned to believe who he was meant to be but all the while a soft, tender, kind-hearted man was hiding behind the shield, the masks, the defences, and the conditioning bestowed upon him.

Similar to part of my story, my beast came wrapped in a package of deceit, untruth, defences and a belief about himself that allowed him to continue to hide behind his masks, his ego, his narcissism, letting himself continue to believe his unworthiness so much so that he created a reality that could only be.  He allowed his unrealistic view of himself to control the outcome of his fairytale and he lost his beauty.

The beauty would go on and she would continue looking, using the world as her canvas as she explored her inner most being facing her fears, discomforts, longings, relationships, and love to continue to know herself, to continue to peel back her own ugly masks to get down the core of her being, to see what was really underneath her own neat and tidy packaging and seek the truth of who she really was.

She would come to see herself, she would come to know herself, she would come to love herself, she would come to protect herself, she would come to understand herself in ways deeper than she had never know before.  She would step beyond the edges of this knowing herself and dive head first in the core of her being to see that she is the beauty, she is light, she is courageous, she is fearless, she has a huge heart that loves unconditionally.  She would also come to know another side of herself, the ugly, the darkness, the scared, the lonely, the fearful and with all of that she begins to understand who she really is underneath her careful packaging.  A packaging wrapped in pretty paper, all the edges lined up perfectly with invisible tape and a big red bow tied just right.  Don’t let the packaging fool you.

Her intuition has become her guiding light, not just the flicker it once was but the guiding light of her being, she would come to see herself connected to the universe in ways that she could only have imagined.  She would see continuous streams of connections and people brought forward onto her path to help her see and realize the depth of who she has become.

This guiding light would guide her to the beast once again, reaching out, to find the beast had fallen.  In her absence the beast had had the opportunity to face his own packaging, to look at his coverings, his masks, his protective coating straight in the face and start the process of shedding the counterfeit wrapping that he wore so dear to his heart.   He would expose himself, he would tell the truth and start the process of moving toward the light once again, stepping out and leaving behind the darkness that enveloped him for the vast majority of his life.  He would start on his own path of self discovery, honesty, and truthfulness, he would start the at the begining.

Beauty and the Beast would once again share, connect and start another chapter of friendship understanding of the past, being in the present knowing and an understanding that no one ever really knows what the future holds.

Beauty and the Beast!