Chiang Mai, Thailand

Another long bus ride taking it all in, sitting with my thoughts allowing memories to fade in and fade out of my mind.  Travelling by bus allows the mind time to just be and let whatever unfolds, unfold.

Arriving in Chang Mai, Udee Cozy Bed and Breakfast.

I just had this feeling, this good feeling that this was a place I would enjoy spending some time.  Arrived, checked into my room and went for a long walk in search of the Sunday night market, I would continue walking until I was upon this incredible market that seemed to go on for miles, up and down streets bustling with so many people, I felt excitement surge into my body as I walked along looking at everything.  An interesting aspect of landing in a new country is the food and literally wondering what everything is, most of it I don’t recognize, I find myself gravitating to what I know.  Up to this point, not allowing myself the delicacies of street food all around me for the fear of taking ill and being on my own, today I allowed myself to step out of that comfort zone and sample some of the wonders I found at the market.








2 thoughts on “Chiang Mai, Thailand

  1. What a wonderful experience Jodi, so enjoy reading about your travels. I’m a friend of your Mothers in case you don’t know me.
    Makes me think about doing something similar, put a bit of spice into my life!! Take good care, and enjoy your journey………..


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