The Orion Experience

8:45am pick up from The Beach Village pile into the back of a pick up truck drive to the dock.

download-49:30 am board the boat and set sail to Koh Wao for some snorkling fun in the crystal clear waters.  A boat load of tourists from many parts of the world young and old.

Upon our arrival, the captain jokingly said the only way in was to jump off the side of the boat or go down the slide from the top.  I was instantly reminded of all of our wild family houseboat trips and could not restrain myself from actually jumping off the top deck.

The most amazing creature under these waters was the sea urchins with their long spiky tentacles and an eyeball right in the middle, with four blue lights around the eyeball and five more white lights around the outside edges.  They were beautiful!   download-5.jpg

12:30 back on the boat, treated to a Thai lunch on board and a long leisurely cruise out in the crystal clear waters, the sun penetrating the deck and the wind keeping things relatively cool.  The boat would dock at Talay Nai and we would jump aboard kyacks for the next leg of the journey.   Alex and I would share a kyack, his first time, we awkwardly paddled our way to Koh Mae.  I was a hot sweaty mess upon arrival as Alex spent alot of the time sitting back and enjoying the ride while I paddled hard to keep us moving. When he did paddle sometime our oars would crash and often our boat would vear off to the right and I would paddle hard to get us back moving in the right direction.  I was happy to see the shores of Mae Koh.

Mae Koh hosts a beautiful emerald lagoon Talay Nai surrounded by steep limestone cliffs.  A short steep climb to the viewing platform.


We would climb back aboard the boat and head off to our final destination Koh Wua Talap Island, Angthong Marine Park, where we would have the opportunity to enjoy or not enjoy one of the best hikes boasted about in the Gulf of Thailand.  500 meters straight up, 30 minutes of huffing and puffing along a staircase path made out of rocks leading to the most breathtaking view of all the Ang Thong Islands.

100 meters


200 meters


300 meters

400 meters


500 meters

Now to come down, different muscles thank gawd and ropes to hang onto.

We would get into the long boat to be taken back to the big boat and settle in for the sunset cruise home.

19723990_1808390695844523_1580410335_o (1)

What an accomplishment!  What a view! What a day!

A wonderful experience with my new friend Alex.



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