The wrapping is just the wrapping …

The packaging is just the packaging, there is no room for judgement in this world because when it comes right down to it we are all the same inside whether we are 22 years old or 51 years old, the only different is experience and wisdom.   When the student is ready the teacher will teach and we never know if we are going to be the teacher or the student.  

My thoughts when I arrived at Koh Phangan were what I am going to do for the next 6 days literally waiting for time to pass until my daughter arrives.  Here I was on this beautiful treasure island and I was tired of being alone, tired of exploring by myself, I just wanted the days to pass!  The universe would hear me loud and clear!

For the last few weeks I have kept pretty much to myself and for the most part I enjoy being on my own, I actually enjoy my own company but I had not had a real good deep conversation with anyone in a while and was feeling the need for some connection.  

I am always careful when I put anything out to the universe because it WILL manifest and this time would to be no different.  I was sitting in the common area all set to write for the day and a young black man from Nigeria asked if he could join me, I looked up and said sure.  He sat down and we started talking and didn’t stop for the next 5 hours. This young man opened himself up and shared some of his deepest thoughts, anxieties  and insecurities.  We would talk about spirituality, meditation, different lineages and theories, philosophy and life in general.   I felt that the universe in all its infinite wisdom arranged this meeting, the Devine had its hand in the crossing of these two paths, this young man was reaching out for some guidance and this middle aged woman was needing someone to share her wisdom – SLAM – there we were at the same resort on the same island at the same time somewhere in Thailand.

He came packaged as a tall, 6’4” muscular, 22-year-old male from Nigeria, a good-looking, dark-eyed stranger whose smile that lit up the whole room .  He would have the courage to sit down and start a conversation to this 5’1” tiny, grey haired woman, with green eyes a friendly smile and calm energy pecking away at her keyboard sitting in the common area of a backpackers resort and our worlds would collide.

The conversation would start as any conversation starts when talking to other travellers, Where you from?  How long you been travelling?   Where are you going next?  This conversation did not stay in the small talk comfort zone for much longer than a few minutes, this young man opened his heart, his mind and put everything on the table quickly.  The conversation moved to spirituality and the path almost immediately.   As I shared my journey with him his eyes seemed to light up as he realized he had met someone who seemed to speak his language, someone who listened as he spoke, someone who seemed to have the words of wisdom he was seeking.  We would get lost in conversation until night fall. 

You know when you’re having a conversation with someone so deep and the words just flow, you hear yourself saying things and you inconspicuously glance over your shoulder wondering who just said that and you realize it was you.  I sometimes feel like a conduit for which the universe speaks through.  I felt all the right words flowing out of me, all the right speech, all the right messages that this young man was ready to hear.   I used to feel like this in counselling sessions, all of the words, these brilliant, thoughtful, sentences strung together and spilling off my tongue and out of my mouth like someone else is speaking but it is through me.  It was one of those conversations, it just flowed. I feel so charged up when I have conversations or counselling sessions like this, it makes me realize that I am nothing that I am simply a conduit for which the universe is using to get the messages out.  I always ask people what is the one thing you do when you lose all track of time?  This is your path or at least an entry point into where you are meant to share in this lifetime.  For me I lose all track of time when I write and when I enter into deep conversations with people about spirituality, the universe and path.  When I feel like I am contributing to the overall good in people.  

It seems he is an old soul and has rarely had the opportunity to be around a person who seems to speak his language.  He would find a comfort in me and share on a deep, intimate level.  We would meet the following day and practice meditation together then go for a long walk talking and sharing the whole time.  We would meet again in the afternoon for another meditation session and a walk on the beach.  We would share a meals together and eat in silence, mindful in the moment, enjoying each morsel of food. 

We would spend the next four days together meditating, conversing, sharing, touring and generally hanging out as soul friends. 

At the end of our time together he would share with me that he went out that evening and had a completely different experience to anything he had had before because he used his mindfulness skills the entire evening.  Often catching himself in rumination, worry, anxiety, he would mindfully bring himself back to the present moment sharing that being mindfully in the moment completely changed his experience.   As he shared his experience with me a smile spread across his face, his eyes were dancing, he suddenly became a different human being.  

I am grateful to have met this young man and will cherish out time together for always. 

I am on a soul journey this I know for sure and part of a soul journey is living in the unknown and letting the path continue of unfold one step at a time.  You don’t get the comfort of knowing what is going to happen next, it just happens!  I have been reading Soulscape by Jeff Brown which seems to have landed on my path at just the right time.  Following your soul path in a world that is so consumed by society’s expectations of materialism and success sometimes its a lonely path and the EGO mind is always hammering in the background to step back in line, to follow a secure path, to get back in line with society expectations of who I “should” be. 

I suspect that my purpose in this lifetime is to be of service, to be the spark that ignites the light that shines in others.  My inner voice is as strong as my EGO these days and continues to remind me to write the book I wish to share with the world so that others can be illuminated.  Apparently it’s all about white light liberation which I heard myself telling someone would be the name of my book, to my own surprise.  Another one of those moments that words came out of my mouth and I looked over my shoulder to see who has actually said them only to discover it was me! 

Landing on Koh Phangan brought me a beautiful soul to share time with, meditate with and give whatever wisdom I had to share so this young old soul had the spark of illumination and now he could continue feeding his light and illuminate himself out into the world and pay it forward, be a beacon for other young souls looking for someone who speaks their language. 

In each experience we are both the teacher and the student, this young man would teach me more about myself and my path in this lifetime.  He would share knowledge of different teachings and lineages to further confirm that all roads lead home.

Synchronicity Abound!



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