Adventures with Jenny (Bangkok)

I feel so blessed to have my baby girl travelling with me for this leg of the trip, another City in this beautiful Country of Thailand, there is so much to see.

I would fly back to Bangkok early to await the arrival of my baby girl over the moon to finally be leaving the shitty hotel with non stop construction and make my way to the airport three hours early to stand in front of the gate and wait.  I stood watching thousands of people come through that door before she did but when she arrived the rest of the world dropped away and my baby was in my arms again!  Tears flowing we held each other for a long time and then looked at each other like we were souls reuniting again.  The poor girl was detained in customs for over two hours because she didn’t know the name of the hotel we were staying at and the customs officers refused to help her, a young woman travelling to a foreign country for the first time on her own and they choose to be unhelpful and leave her sobbing and begging for help only to be told to go away.   Customs in each country is it’s very own experience unfortunately not always a pleasant one.   Leaving her crushed having been so excited to see me for so long only to be detained behind the wall for two additional hours.  She sobbed in my arms.


We would go and stay at a hotel I had previously stayed at to give her a day to rest and for us to catch up on the seven months that passed.  Both too excited to sleep and we would wake at 6:00am ready to start our adventure together.

Our first day would include walking to the only thing close to this obscurely located hotel, a mall, which is funny because neither Jenny nor I enjoy shopping especially in a mall.  Once we arrived we were greeted by a local tourist organization that provided information about transport to locations from the mall FREE OF CHARGE!   A decision quickly made to catch a bus to Khao san road and go snooping around the market but because we were continuously deep in conversation and not really paying attention we got on the wrong bus and ended up somewhere else.  We would try to communicate with the driver who spoke very little english but between the driver and another man on the bus we discovered we had to stay on the bus and go back to the station to wait for the next one, 2.5 hours later.  It suited us just fine as we got some food and literally sat cross-legged in front of one another and talked as we always do, getting into deep discussions about various topics.  I love this kid.

As we were deep in conversation a bus started pulling away and Jenny said I think that might be our bus, we ran over and he opened the door, sure enough, one more second we would have missed the second bus!  This is what happens when there is soooo much to catch up on, every moment counts!

Minutes before we arrived at Khoason Road the skies opened up and it started to pour, not like any rain I have even seen in Canada.  We were dressed for summer temperatures and the raindrops were the size of golf balls, in a matter of seconds we were soaked but we kept on walking.  It would stop long enough for us to have a snoop around the market, eating fruit from various vendors before the skies opened up again and the rains let loose and this time we had to take cover and find a taxi to transport us back to the hotel.

We would venture the following day to our next home for a night, Chetuphon Gate Guesthouse, one of my favorite places I have stayed previously a little deeper into the heart of Bangkok. We would walk the streets stumbling upon a flower market the size of a Costco with vendor after vendor selling the magnificent flowers of Thailand.  Starbucks next for a little home familiarity and venture in for some air-conditioned comfort and some more good conversation.  We would take a taxi to a tourist information centre in the heart of Bangkok and plan the next 20 days of our adventure including all transportation and accommodations until the day we depart to come back home.  It is such a beautiful way to travel.

After a good night’s rest we would spend the rest of the day in the complete and utter chaos and mayhem of China Town.  Wall to wall people, energy bouncing off every corner.  Finding myself slipping out of equanimity and feeling chaotic energy finding its way into my peace and tranquility.

Both of us unnerved and wanting to slip out of the chaos and into something a little less busy.  We grabbed a tuktuk and headed back to our hotel to await our pick up to start the next leg of our adventure.  We waited in the hot sun for our taxi to take us to Don Muang airport to fly to Puhket where we will spend the next six days exploring.


Next stop Phuket …




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