Fruit Heaven

Mango is by far my most favorite fruit in the whole wide world and since coming to Thailand I have had the pleaure of being able to have at least one if not two Mango smoothies per day.   While in Koh Phangan I learned of the mangosteen, a delicious little delicacy that I ate until I couldn’t eat anymore.


The fruits are plentiful and super inexpensive.  Since Jenny’s arrival we have been eating fruit non stop and it has been brought to my attention how lucky we are to have the opportunity to have plentiful rare fruits available to us each and every day at a fraction of the cost of local fruit we find at home.

Jenny is a Vegan, a whole-hearted fist pumping vegan who believes in the right of animals, she believes that animals have a right to a decent life without torture, without stress, without hormones and in order to support these beliefs she has stepped out of any semblance of participating in any of these practices by living the life of a vegan.  She has landed in pure heaven here in Thailand with the plentiful fruit available and on display at almost every turn.  She has been a happy girl devouring fruit by the truckload which in turn has pulled me into the lifestyle that I have been leaning closer and closer to as I journey along.

I have come as far as a vegetarian although have eaten chicken on a few occasions throughout the journey.  I am a believer that when my body craves or asks for something I simply give it what it wants and desires, following my firm 80/20 rule.  I can justify eating anything if it comes in somewhere close to 80 percent good, nutritious food that feeds my body and 20 percent craving, sugar loaded, salt crusted deliciousness.  It all works out in the end if we have some sort of foundation for our eating patterns.  I have never been a fan of nor followed any particular diets unless, of course, I was pushing my body into a program like “Body for Life” which I have done on many occasions prior to finding my mind/body connection and feeding both the physical and the mental coming together therefore finding a balance in both exercise and eating patterns.  Prior to stumbling on “Bikram’s hot yoga” I released any and all excess energy, stress, worry and anxiety in the gym going as hard as my body would allow but from the first moment I discovered the connection between the body and the mind I would learn to go easier on my body and allow it the opportunity to give me information and simply listen.  Once the mind and body start to become a team, balance starts to find its way into our consciousness.  Although Bikram Hot Yoga was the place that I first discovered the mind/body connection I no longer support this strenous, driven for of yoga practice.  I simply mention it because is was a jumping off point for me in the discovery of this vital connection in my journey into the mind.

Pineapple has been in my life since childhood, the arduous task of cutting it open has always been a barrier to buying this delicious, juicy, health filled fruit.  I would come all the way to Thailand to learn the art of cutting a pineapple.

Sala fruit is a sweet & sour little kiwi sized fruit with sharp scaly skin with razor sharp pointed ends where inside you will find two pieces of meaty fruit with a yellow/orange-colored fruit covering large pits.  Mouth watering sweet & sour tastes flooded my palate leaving me wondering what delicious mouth-watering meals I can incorporate this little delicacy into my diet.  You might be left with a look like this one.   Unsure.

Jenny, on fruit: (warning: video’s have fuzzy parts, still a work in progress)

Thailand is a mecca for the fruit growing industry and one of my favorite things about this country is the pleniful selection of sweet treats leaving myself and my fist pumping vegan daughter in complete heaven!



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