Adventures with Jenny (Krabi town)

Another adventure with my beautiful baby girl.  I just love this kid so very much.

Ferry crossing to the Port of Krabi.

Another new home …

A walk around to get our bearings we would find some more beautiful beaches, shops, restaurants, fruit stands with super LARGE mangos and our favorite “The Coffee Club.”

We would meet some cows along the way …

As my journey has unfolded and all of the ventures I have been on I would say that the time with animals have brought me the most joy.  My daughter, as I have mentioned before, is a passionate vegan and the animals have an even deeper meaning to her and it has been a joy to watch her heart grow each time we encounter animals, especially cows and chickens.  To watch her care and concern for animals is heart warming and has taken my own views of animal cruelty to a new level.

We decided on a day trip to Krabi town looking for the night market which we came to realize is only on during the weekend, we would make the best of the trip and go exploring.  Our first instinct was to walk only to realize it was 15km and thought “better not” so we started inquiring with taxi and tuk tuk drivers getting an array of prices and information.  Unfortunately in Thailand everyone is out to make a buck, which I can understand, but some of the locals seem to be in it for the all out rip off.  It doesn’t feel right to be taken advantage of considering tourism is what this country relies so heavily on to support it economy.  A couple local taxi drivers offered to take us for $700 baht return which is about $38 dollars; they told us it would take 30 minutes in a car.  We didn’t bite and continued on our way asking others to quote us a price, the tuk tuk was asking 300-400 baht one way, still didn’t sit right then we stumbled upon the open back trucks (bus) for 50 baht each – SCORE!   This price was still double what the local were paying but significantly different from the original offer of 700 baht.  Knowing your prices before entering a country and having a grasp on the dollar is vital and even more vital is forgetting completely what things cost in your country and getting used to the standard of living of the country you are travelling.  It has been a constant block for me paying what seems like pennies for things that would cost 10x that amount back home, my emotions and feeling often get in the way and I end up being paying much more than I should.  There have been a few occasions that I have been dumbfounded by the price of something, once I even ended up bartering in the wrong direction because I mistakenly took a zero off the price because my mind couldn’t imagine something costing $4 when in my mind is should have been an easy $40.

Upon boarding the bus we would come face to face with three locals, an older gentleman who reeked of booze, a middle-aged gentleman with soft, kind eyes and a shy disposition along with a twenty something young man with his iPhone and ear buds plugged in all travelling on their own but all ended up on this bus together with us for some reason. The older gentlemen seemed to be quite stirred up when we stepped into the vehicle, speaking excitedly, non-stop to the other gentleman seated across from him, they seemed to be half smiling. half engaging as this man chatted excitedly.  My intuition and read of body language seemed to suggest he was making sexual innuendos in speaking to other men who seemed not to want to partake in such conversations.  The older gentleman would pull out and English/Thai dictionary and hand it over to me.  I looked up daughter and pointed to Jenny, then looked up mother and pointed to myself.  The other gentlemen both smiled and seemed to ease as we all had something that seemed to connect the strangers sitting across from one another, context.  The older man would continue conversing with the other two men laughing and making jokes, they seemed disinterested in his banter.   Jenny would pull out her phone and show the gentleman a photo of Shrek, the cutest, most adorable dog on the planet and this would start a chain reaction with the middle-aged man showing us pictures and videos of his dog and cat and pointing to himself saying “mother”.  He was adorable.  We would swap pictures back and forth looking into each other’s eyes smiling and pointing.  It is so amazing that conversing is possible without speaking the same language, there is always a way.  A smile is the same in every language, laughter is the same laughter in each country, kindness can be shared everywhere!  We would enjoy our travels with these distinctly different characters, upon exit bid farewell and continue on our way.

Krabi town is a quaint little town is southern Thailand’s Krabi Province near the Andaman coast surrounded by the Krabi river which is 5 kilometres long and surrounded by beautiful mangrove forests, mountains, jungle and untouched natural beauty all around.

As we strolled along the river we would be greeted by a long tail boatman with a beautiful smile and lots of charm, Mr. J, offering us a boat ride to the local cave, mangroves and finally a fish farm, all for 500 baht, we were in!   Just the two of us and Mr. J set out on his long tail boat for some up close and personal exploring.  We would take a calm, relaxed ride along the river renewing my faith in boats in general as the last few ride had left me in the negative.

In the distance we would see the stunning Khao Khanab Nam Mountains standing at 100 metres tall, stunning beauty.   These majestic natural wonders act as the gateway to Krabi city with the river running between the two limestone cliffs forming a very spiritual site.

Our first stop would be the Khao Khanab caves with collections of stalagmites and stalactites, human skeletons along with descriptions and theories surrounding their demise.

Another outstanding day with my daughter!

As the days fold into one another and I get to wake up each and every day with my sweepy faced daughter by my side, just the two of us, I am hit with a swell of gratitude and the realization of how lucky I am to have this time with my baby girl.  I feel such a sense of appreciation for our time together and know that these memories will always be a part of each one of us and it can never be taken away.  I feel a sense of wonder as I watch her in awe day after day swelling with pride as I see so clearly the woman she has become on a much deeper level, a letting go of the former roles, a letting go of the history and a simple coming back to the moment over and over again.  I am continually hit with a deep sense of love swelling up inside me when I look at her, sometimes catching myself just staring at her, filled with joy.

I am filled with immense gratitude for every moment on this earth and pride myself on making the most of each and every one that I still have in this lifetime.  Each one that is spent with one of my daughters is a good one indeed and fills me to capactiy!



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