Adventures with Jenny (Krabi Hot Springs & Krabi Emerald Pool)

Our ride would arrive at 8:30am a far earlier start than we have become accustomed to on this journey together.  We are both deep sleepers and have allowed our bodies the pleasure of sleeping until ready to awake, this early start would be a shock to our delicate systems.  The van ride would be like any other mode of transportation filled with silliness and belly laughs.  Krabi Hot Spring here we come!

Completely therapeutic and soothing, the Krabi Hot Springs were literally ‘hot tubs’ crafted into smooth rock channels of water, deep-rooted thermal spring bath tubs hollowed out from nature’s stone.  The only drawback to this luscious beauty was all the tourists taking up space, which my daughter keeps reminding me that I too am one those tourists.  The hot springs were a delight with the water temperature  around 40 degree Celsius, the sensation is relaxing, healing and transformative.  My body wanted to stay longer, pouting all the way out as Jenny encouraged me to get a move on.

I found a beautiful spot and sat letting the warm water stream down my sometimes aching body offering a reprieve, some peace in amongst all the other tourists, tranquility and utter calm as I closed my eyes to the outside world and went inside to enjoy the benefits of this nurturing spring.

The tours are a fantastic way to see the sights with everything planned in advance, rides, excursions, food all included in one package; however one of the drawbacks is the length of time alloted for each destination is set and has an end sometimes before my soul is ready to let go …

Next stop Krabi Emeral Pool, another gem in this beautiful southern part of Thailand. Absolutely outstanding natural beauty in the Thung Teao Forest Natural Park complete with a beautifully crafted natural trail and crystal ponds.  It was love at first sight & sound everything in my body let go and instantly I was transported into the place I wish to reside, groundedness, one with nature.


The grounds are immaculate with little or no garbage to be seen.  It was clear to see that nature was the first priority and witnessing that renewed my faith in the possibility of tourist attractions like this being preserved at all costs.  A section of the grounds were closed due to the mating season of the local Pitta Gurney bird which was once considered extinct.  It makes me happy to know that the wildlife and nature are being preserved.

Being in nature soothes my soul.  I instantly feel a sense of calm inside and out no matter what is happening around me; it is as though nature is my cradle and mother earth is rocking me gently allowing my feet to drop back into the prints of my own soul as I ground into the natural world around me.  The sounds of nature stun me back into this moment, the world slows, the emotions rest, loving kindness floats to the surface and I am once again reminded that we are all one.


Being able to experience these moments with someone dear to my heart makes each one a little sweeter indeed.

And the silliness continues …



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