I  landed back on home soil and into the welcome arms of my baby girl, Jennifer Irene Mangold, the love of my life.  I couldn’t believe the elation I felt seeing the island and the surrounding beauty it beholds, my heart literally skipped a beat.   I get this feeling whenever I am coming home to Victoria, its like the beautiful sound of a symphony playing in my ears.  I get a feeling of warmth all over my body and I start to recognize the beauty all around me, the smells, the tastes, the cold wetness in the air which I have come to love and appreciate in so many ways.  The first face to be one of my favorite people hugging me tightly and allowing the tears to fall shamelessly.  We held onto one another for a long time, it was moment I will never forget.

Being with my daughter and watching her in her life, seeing how much she has grown up yet how much of a little girl she will always be to me.  I am grateful that this little soul chose me as her mom.  We have learned a lot together and separate.  Sometimes I am the teacher and sometimes I am the student; it is reciprocal in many ways.  The energy in our souls are vibrant and filled with energy but at the same time introspective and requires solitude.

Coming home to my man, Mr. Shrek, the one true man love of my life!  There has been no man who held my heart like this little dude, he is kind, generous, loving, pleasing and a massive sponge for giving and receiving love.  His beautiful brown eyes melt my beating heart and he fills me up.  There is no judgement, there is nothing but pure unconditional love and we will simply pick up where we left off!

As I walked through the beautiful downtown core along wharf street past the Johnson street bridge heading down to the inner harbour, past the float planes, the whale watching boats that were full and headed out, the tourists enjoying this beautiful land, I felt a sense of wonder.  I walked through as a tourist, like I had never been before and held it with each and every experience I had walking into a Country, a City or a Village that I didn’t know only this time everything felt familiar and comfortable.  I was home.

Spending the day allowing myself and my body to unwind from the 13 hour journey back home with my nose stuffed into a book to make the time pass; enjoying one of my favorite things to do, read.

As I look out the beautiful pull up windows and see all the people bustling below, some in a hurry to get somewhere, others browsing the shops with a paper cup in their hands looking like I did so many times walking along looking at everything!  It was all brand new.  Brand new is a wonderful experience, it allowed me to appreciate everything that resembles comfort and the beautiful experience is washing over me like a fresh baby blanket straight out of the dryer.  Warm and comforting.  I am home.

As I stand on the deck overlooking Government and Johnson Street, I see so much of the beauty this City holds, the history in the architecture, the boutique shops littered all around, people coming and people going with enough room to keep claim to your own sense of personal space.  Cars on the road but not too many, no constant beeping and buzzing of bikes.

I am grateful that I am no longer sweating and that I don’t have to worry about how bad I stink or how sticky I am again.

I am grateful that love is all around me!

I am filled with excitement at the privilege of sharing my moments with those who want to know, first draft done by the end of December.

I write from a heart filled with gratitude for my life and all that is within it, the people, the piece of real estate, the familiarity, the comfort, the knowing, the sameness and love!

I sit in anticipation, as the world continues to unfold in exactly the way it is intended to, and manifest the next steps with pure delight and excitement.








One thought on “Introspection

  1. Welcome back my friend! You are welcomed back like that warm blanket, we all want to be covered in your warmth and familiarity. First draft in December! Woot woot! Congratulations! I will be reading! xoxo


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