It’s very essence fills all my crevasses as it weaves itself into the inner recesses and fills the voids that hold me hostage.

This love spreads through my body and drips into my soul as joyous tears sting my adoring eyes.

Joy has come through the door. The rooms is filled with light and laughter.

There is suddenly a presence, tiny presence of pure authenticity.

They filled me up with their impassioned hugs, wrapping those tiny arms around my needy neck and softly patting my waiting back.

As her chubby little fingers wrap around my maturing claw swells of warmth fill my wise old soul.

Looking into those tender authentic eyes knowing that conditioning has not had it’s chance to wind around and intertwine into their beings, their souls are completely intact.

They ooze the beauty of innocence, they have no masks, they have no conditioning, they are who they are.

When I look into those tender authentic eyes I see the purest of beauty, innocence and illumination.

I am filled with gratitude for another chance to give my full attention, my complete presence and my absolute immersion.

When the little faces look up at me I melt into a puddle and everything evaporates.

There is absolutely nothing but this present moment.

I see the pure the essence of each tiny being.

My heart sings with joy in their stainlessness, their authenticity and their unencumbered beings.

Everything inside lights up and illuminates with ever smile, with every squeak, with every mispronounced word with every success and with every mimic.

Immaculateness overload!

Peyton & Hadley you had me at hello.


Feedback, what struck you as you read this blog?

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