You are a beautiful package to be unwrapped with care …

A beautiful package wrapped with perfection adorned with shiny, sparkly bows; a gift as unique as each snowflake, each with its own pattern, design, and intrinsic decoration. 

We, each one of us, resembles that package in our uniqueness.  Our journey in this lifetime is to carefully unwrap the package and peel down to reveal the contents.

Who am I is revealed as the package wrapping starts to fall away, we start to see our own uniqueness and begin the process of acceptance and understanding of our own special gifts, characteristics, patterns, beliefs and personality.  We begin to uncover the truth. 

Everyone has a special gift, we have come to this world to share with everyone around us, sometimes it appears to as love, acceptance or forgiveness.  Sometimes its obvious but sometimes we simply don’t know yet and are still trying to find the answer within.  The time we spend in this space is a valuable time indeed, as we simmer in our own juices, marinating, allowing the answers to come from within, to guide us, to show us the way, in this time of transition. 

As I continue to unwrap the packaging that has adorned and protected me, as I peel away layer by layer, I am often struck with confusion, misunderstanding, insecurity and always darkness.  It is in these times that the great awareness emerges and we start the process of unveiling another piece of ourselves to ourselves.  A practice of acceptance and surrender emerge and the brave journey of unconditional love of our true selves begins and a new level of self acceptance arises.  The light becomes a beacon at the end of the tunnel, a new part of the journey is upon us as we look in the mirror, we feel a change in perspective, a reworking of you and the world around you.  

As we begin the process of stepping into the truth of who we are, a felt sense of loss appears, while at the very same time, a sense of real truth and understanding emerge.  A realization takes place that reminds us that conditioning has conditioned us to believe and hold onto beliefs that are just simply not true allowing us to step into the changed perspective and view of self. 

Through acceptance and surrender, we can step into ourselves more fully and begin the next step of sharing what we have come to know with those we love.  It feels a bit like stepping off a cliff and falling without any real understanding of where you will land or if you will land at all.  It is the shedding of the truth of who you are, a part of you that perhaps you have denied all of these years, allowing true self acceptance.  

Through this process, you get to claim your truth, become more of who you already are inside, underneath the neatly wrapped packaging.

As my journey continues and I accept another side of myself, the relief and understanding of so many repeats of the same patterns, are now clear and understanding has prevailed. 

Our beautiful soul carries all of this information that we are still uncovering so there seems to be a natural acceptance of self and a nurturing that goes along with it, as if to assure us we are not alone.  Our beautiful soul goes along for the ride no matter how bumpy, no matter how difficult, we are never alone. 

This awakening is awareness and it is beautiful to watch the paper slowly slip off the carefully wrapped package and slide onto the floor opening up the space for unconditional love of self!

In all of its darkness, we see the light. 


Feedback, what struck you as you read this blog?

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