1. a rapid increase; a rise.
    “cost escalations”
    synonyms: increaserisehikegrowthleapupsurgeupturnclimb More

    • an increase in the intensity or seriousness of something; an intensification.
      “an escalation of violence”

Live in the moment, I always say, but what happens when you are in the moment and the collection of moments playing out in front of you are escalating so fast, you are suddenly put on high alert, you feel at risk, you are not safe, and there is a good possibility that I am about to get punched in the face.

Taking my dog out for a walk on a sunny day, walking through a park where few children were playing, some adults walking by, texting into their cell phones and me chatting with my friend as we walked along –  all of a sudden out of nowhere comes this thick, muscular, tan bull masstiff terrier rushing full speed ahead towards my tiny, old man Shrek, he is a grandpa now.  I felt the fear instantly but watched the dog to get a feel for it, I felt we were in no harm.  The dog’s tail was wagging so much, his whole hind end was wiggling, it was quite cute.

All of a sudden a native woman was running towards us, me, Shrek and her dog, speaking loudly lunging at her dog’s face to quickly put the collar on.  She immediately started yelling at me, saying I am afraid of her dog because it is a Pitt bull and her dog is friendly, she kept walking towards us giving her dog ample room to snap Shrek in half like a dry twig.  I kept asking her to pull her dog back and to back away we were not interested in any communication.  I must have said it three times before she angrily starting walking away.  She yelled you are a white woman!!! Swearing and mumbling loudly, people had stopped what they were doing and were now witnessing this charade.  I just stood there staring at her, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and all her anger was suddenly directed towards me.

She came really close to my face at one point, so close, I thought she was going to punch me in the face, she backed off and walked away.  Loudly swearing and cursing, people were watching.  My friend grabbed my arm and started pulling me toward the door, I think I was in shock.  She walked with me escorting me back to the door, watching over her shoulder as we scurried away!

She walked off shrieking through the neighborhood, drunk, out of her mind with anger and resentment.  Prejudice, white people, dog stereotypes, pushing the envelope.  My daughter says there is no such thing as reverse racism, if not, what do we call that.  You are a white woman and you are prejudice against my Pitt bull, taunting me, he won’t hurt you.

I was absolutely astonished how quickly those moments got out of control and how I just watched it all play out, protecting myself and my dog.  I grew up in this type of environment, I was conditioned to watch brutality in my home and neighborhood growing up.  I shut down,

I just stood there watching her freak out.  I was not afraid in the moment, I was calm and present.  I wondered after if somehow she felt my energy and it calmed her somehow, enough for her to walk away.  I wasn’t willing to engage in any conversation or fight.  Once she walked away, I let my breath out and I started to shake inside, walking quickly in the other direction.

The universe had the perfect person there, she scooped me up into the most glorious hug I have ever felt, she squeezed me so hard and held on so tight until I was ready to let go.  A mama hug, she said.  I felt the stress fall off me and onto the floor, she surrounded me with white light and love.  It was glorious.

It was a de-escalation, like Eckart Tolle writes about the ducks who get into an altercation, they swim away from one another and shake off their feathers, let it go and come back together.

A beautiful hug from a caring human makes all the scary stuff go away.

Thank you Kim!


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