The right person, the right time …

I love the timing of things … when the time is right the meeting shall occur … suddenly another beautiful soul showed up in my life.  I love meeting new friends, someone who has caught your heart or your awareness or something deeper than superficiality, deep meaningful conversation all the way through, deep sharing about life, starting wherever you start.

Similarities work their way through the seams of this new meeting.  Parallels start showing up, a deep sharing takes place and all feels well and safe.  A reciprocal exchange between two humans on the path of awakening.  Sharing the perspective of living in witnessing awareness day to day; a new awakening.

The untethered soul captures it beautifully along with my favorite teacher Eckart Tolle in A New Earth.  You live in the moment and you know your self so well that when you go unconscious and react after being triggered by a pain body, you recover quickly and stand balanced again, ensuring there is enough time to process and nurture self.

Each event that shows up in our life is a teacher, some more triggering than others.

The event in the park showed me who I have become, in the face of violence, oppression, and racism.  I remained calm, cool, and collected on the outside with the same resolve on the inside.   I was me in this scenario, not my 5-year-old self-witnessing abuse, a healing has taken place.

The comfort and joy of receiving a genuine hug from old, granny hippie disguised as a sweet, gentle angel who scooped me up and held me while all the fearful energy drained from my body and splashed onto the floor.

Hello new friend.

New friends offer another chance to tell our story only this time from a completely different perspective, a different lens.

Today, the story comes from a wise place of knowing, of understanding, of taking responsibility, of forgiving with a deeply compassionate understanding.

Friendship is the chance to travel with another soul through a life.

I cherish all my friends!  Gifts from the universe!



Feedback, what struck you as you read this blog?

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