The gift of presence …

Live in the world, experience the world, be alive in the world, be awake, be here, be present.  Give the gift of presence – the glorious gift of complete hereness!

Hereness – being here right now with all of your senses focus on one thing, whatever you give your attention to,  in front of you, the energy field that you have come into contact with, sight, sound, smell, and taste are all focused on the “whatever” is in front of you.  All hands on deck, everyone home, paying attention, on purpose, right now. (JCZ)

There is no gift greater than to be present with the people in our lives, the people on the street, the barista who took your coffee order, your co-workers and most important – our kids.

My daughter recently told me that it means so much for her that I just sit and listen as she tells me all about veganism or her fist pumping beliefs in wool or oppression.  She said nobody just sits and listens, her circle is always cutting in to make an argument or a point which is nice because it keeps the conversation going but it never allows her to get her complete thoughts out and be able to look at them like she can with me.  Precious words to hear.

There comes a time when we forge a new relationship with our adult children, it, like everything else, is a process, a transition; and just like every transition there is light at the end of the tunnel, in my case the light is so bright that it fills me to the very top each and every time I am in contact with it.

Presence is the all mighty medication for anything that ails you!





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