Meditation is the way of letting go, it is the path to the empowered mind.  The only goal in meditation is silence, stillness and clarity of mind.  The effort is directed at letting go, developing a mind that inclines to abandoning, the willingness to give away the baggage of the past and the future.

  • Stage One:  Present-Moment Awarenessletting go of any and all baggage even what happened just a moment ago.  You start to develop your mind as a padded cell anything that hits it falls to the floor and stops.  We do not carry around coffins full of dead moments, letting go of the past will set you free in the present moment.this is not an easy task, it sounds easy but it is not – your mind has a tantrum, like mine did in Colorado.keep in mind that there is no bad meditation, each and every meditation we struggle through puts money in the bank and builds belief in self, effort, consciousness, peace & stillness and adds to your wisdom.
  • Stage Two: Silent Present-Moment AwarenessNo commentary.  “that was good, this is bad, I don’t like, I like”Become that host at a party and you are so busy greeting each guest that you don’t have time for any chit chat to anyone who comes through the door, you must greet the next guest.Put down the backpack your carry, set it down, just for now.Recognize the space between the thoughts – silent awareness.Its a slow road but builds momentum and grows.Silence is shy if she hears you talking about her, she vanishes.
  • Stage Three: Silent Present-Moment Awareness of the Breathwe choose silent present moment awareness of just one thing – the breath.letting go of diversity and moving into the opposite, the breath wherever you want, nostrils, tummy try not to control the breath, watch it.
  • Stage Four:  Full Sustained Attention on the Breathyou notice the full extent of the in breath from the moment the air enters through your noseyour recognize the pause between the in breath and the out breathyou follow your out breath until it disappears and the function is complete all in silence and present moment awarenessyour mind reaches this stage experiencing peace, bliss this is where the doer, the major part of one’s EGO starts to disappearGet out-of-the-way
    • this is where we dive into the blissful states by maintaining the unity of consciousness by not interfering, the breath will begin to disappear, fade away, the mind focuses on the center of the experience of breath.  We are no longer aware of the breath, the body, thought, sound or the outside world. 

(this information was taken from Ajahn Braham’s book Happiness through meditation)

Guided meditations that I have enjoyed:

The Chopra Centre with Deepak Chopra

Dharma Ocean with Reggie Ray

Victoria Insight Meditation Society

Bliss of Being free community meditations in Victoria, British Columbia